Who We Are

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Circulaominuto is a Portugal based company established in 2022 With a commitment to the environment and green energy.  The Company Director António Balanco is a keen cyclist (especially battery driven bicycles.) The first was a conversion of an old mountain bicycle which belonged to his daughter who no longer used it. After much research he converted this bicycle to an E-bike.

The first conversion was a 1000w rear hub motor kit purchased on the internet. The Battery was built in his workshop using Li-Ion Phosphate cells (Life po4)  It was a huge 52v 20AH and weighed over 11kg. after testing the bicycle, he was very impressed with the assistance provided. However It was heavy and unstable with all the weight on the rear and it lacked power on the uphill’s

Realising the short comings of his project he set out to develop an E-bike conversion which could compete with purpose-built e-bikes. The solution was to provide A mid mount motor with a light li ion Battery using the cycles gears to overcome the steepest uphill’s with ease.  Circulaominuto now imports the Bafang mid-mount kits directly from the factory and assembles the batteries in Portugal using quality graded cells.

We firmly believe that E-Bikes provide inner city convenience and leisure travel at a fraction of the cost of other modes of transport

Advantages Of E-Bikes

  • Parking convenience
  • Point-to-point transportation
  • Pleasure of cycling without the great effort on uphill’s
  • Improved fitness making it suitable for people with limited fitness
  • Help save the planet
  • Removable battery charging at home
  • Enjoy the outdoor cycling experience

Our Objectives

  • Provide excellent service and effective communication
  • Provide training and information on how to do so
  • Provide a quality E-Bike conversion kit suitable for long-term use
  • Provide bicycle accessories
  • Supply electric bicycles and their spare parts
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