Bicycle V Brake Pads Set






1. Made of high quality nitrile rubber: wear-resistant, does not hurt the rim, and can effectively reduce the braking sound, let you say goodbye to harsh noise, every braking is so comfortable. Note: Brake is a matter of life safety, do not use inferior brake pads.
2. Long service life: expert experimental data show that when the speed is 12.5KM/H, the brake pad can be used 8000-10000 times, while the ordinary brake pad is only 3,000 times. The curved design allows the bike to be changed 4,000 times, 1,000 times flat kilometers, 1,000 times steep slopes, away from danger.
3. Twill drain: The twill drain box on our brake pads helps stop the power of the bike in rain, snow, sandstorms, and thunderstorms than the ribbed drain box, and the grooves help drain and indicate wear.
4. Compatible with all V-brake systems: Compatible with most V-brake road and mountain bikes, such as SRMA/SHIMANO/TEKTRO, and has left and right markings for easier installation.
5. LIMIT mark points: the product above intimate with “limit” words, timely remind to replace the brake pad is responsible for your life. Use raised rubber text, which is more durable than printed text and won’t be washed away by rain and mud.

Model: Upgraded brake pad
Material: high grade wear-resistant rubber + metal
Color: Red, blue, black
Type of bike: V-brake bike
Specification: Each brake leather length is about 70mm
Features: Silent brake leather, made of rubber, thick, wear-resistant, free of metal and emery, can effectively decontamination and reduce noise, strengthen the wet road braking force, to ensure your safe riding

Product list:
Brake pads *1 pair

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