MEROCA Non-slip MTB Nylon Pedal Sealed Bearings






Ultralight Nylon Bicycle Pedal

Weight: about 352g / pair.
Dimensions: 112 * 115mm DU bushings and bearings, anti-skid, widened ultra-light pedals

What makes a good flat pedal?

What is essential for good grip on flat pedals? The pins of course. However, it is a common misconception that the number of pins is the only decisive factor to determine the grip of a flat pedal. In reality, the arrangement, size and surface of the pins are even more important.

The product is made of steel with high strength 14MM universal thread, suitable for most bicycles.

The bottom of the pedal is equipped with a dust cover, sealed design, rainproof and dustproof.

Big and Flat Platform

Platform size in mm (L x W x H): 115x112x12.5 Weight: about 352g/pair

Left and right mark, “L” is left, and “R” is right.

① It can be installed with 6MM Allen wrench
② Use 15MM wrench to install

Logos are printed on both sides of the pedals, Left and right logo, authentic guarantee!

Original box packaging, genuine guarantee 145*132*44M

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